Who we are and what we do?

We are two passionate web designers and we want to help people create beautiful and dynamic websites with Adobe Muse. We are passionate about our work, so we create exceptional Adobe Muse templates that will truly impress everyone. You can download all of our templates completely FREE! If you like what we do, please share our work with your friends on Facebook  or Twitter. You can also support us by having a look at some of our Paid Adobe Muse Templates.


All of the Adobe Muse Templates from MuseTemplatesFree.com  can be used for personal or comercial projects. However, it is required to credit us for the templates. Please leave a visible link to us somewhere on the template. If you do not want to credit us for some reason, please contact us.

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How to use Adobe Muse Templates:


1) Install Adobe Muse.


2) Download our free Adobe Muse templates.


3) Open the template with Adobe Muse.


4) Edit the template and publish your website right from Adobe Muse!

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